1) Professionalism

    We are professionals who conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and are accountable for our actions. As professionals we:
    a) Act with honesty and integrity
    b) Be accountable for our actions
    c) Treat all patients equally
    d) Advocate punctuality
    e) Respect others as individuals
    f) Respect rules and regulations

    2) Meticulous

    We are meticulous in implementing our responsibilities towards safety
    a) Use 8Rs for serving medication as our guide
    b) Implementing and observe patients safety goals

    3) Caring

    We care for our customers by anticipating and exceeding their needs.
    a) Treat those that we serve with kindness and compassion
    b) Understand patients’ needs and empathize
    c) Go that extra mile
    d) Always give and do your best
    e) Committed to meet standard
    f) Committed to training & development

    In order to achieve the above mentioned values, PMC also observe the following;

    4) Commitment

    We are committed to the success of PMC and its contribution to the medical profession and the community.
    a) Do a good job
    b) Own up to your responsibilities
    c) Be responsible for your own learning and development
    d) “Berani Berubah” or “Dare to Change”

    5) Quality

    We passionately pursue quality in everything we do.
    a) Cost effective patient care
    b) Do it right the first time; Zero defect-medical and non-medical
    c) Continue to develop skills and competencies
    d) Always look for better ways of doing things
    e) Ensuring prompt and courteous services
    f) Conform with regulatory, ISO9001, MSQH and customers’ requirements
    g) Work processes as benchmark

    6) Teamwork

    We are united in purpose, work as a team with respect and trust.
    a) Appreciate and recognize others’ contribution
    b) Place organizational needs ahead of functional needs
    c) Trust and help each other
    d) Kindness and compassion to all
    e) Caring extended to internal staff
    f) Train and help each other.

    7) Innovation

    We continually adapt and strive to develop and pursue knowledge and innovative solutions.
    a) Be resourceful
    b) Be creative – “Think out of the box”
    c) Look for different ways of doing things better.
    d) Improve


    Putra Medical Centre shall be committed to comply with the requirements and continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS) by:-

    1. Maintaining safe and friendly environment to the patients
    2. Providing good quality healthcare to meet customer satisfaction


    To be a leading healthcare service provider of choice with a passion for the community.


    PMC is committed to deliver quality healthcare services comprehensively and consistently through continuous development in human resources and updating of technology.